Tuturama Studios

Elara Morgan

Journey into the Shadows: Unveiling the Mysteries of Zero-Knowledge DeFi


The Hidden Ledger

Elara discovers Panther Protocol and is intrigued by the zAccounts feature which offers confidential holdings & transactions. She learns how it is an essential tool for disclosures & audits. A contact hints at a mystery related to these accounts which piques her interest.


Bridging Worlds

Elara delves into how assets move across different blockchains using Panther's Cross-Chain Bridges. She stumbles upon a significant cross-chain transaction which is more than it appears. This leads her to understand the nuances of bridging assets while ensuring they maintain their privacy.


Trust in the Shadows

Elara explores the concept of Trusted Zones - a dedicated space to trade among trusted counterparties. She realizes that while these zones protect information, they might also be a playground for the elite. She also learns about the utility of 'Zones' in facilitating these trades.


Liquidity and Secrets

As Elara interacts with popular DeFi apps through Panther's DeFi Adaptor, she unearths a conspiracy involving manipulation of DeFi liquidity. In her quest for truth, she learns about zTrade, the OTC zAsset exchanges within Zones, and how they are changing the landscape of trading.


Transparent Obscurity

While diving deep into the world of Panther, Elara discovers the power of Zero-Knowledge Reveals—how one can disclose parts of data without revealing underlying information. This episode sees her trying to piece together a puzzle using these reveals. Additionally, she uses the zBridge to move assets across blockchains privately, which becomes crucial for her investigation.


Power Tokens

The final episode delves into the heart of Panther Protocol—the $ZKP token. As Elara unravels its uses, from rewarding key protocol actors to governance voting and its role in DEX liquidity provisioning, she stumbles upon a plan to monopolize these tokens for control. With time running out, she must expose this plan to the Panther community.